Harold Waldack

An introduction:

Harold Waldack started off his career as Industrial Construction Rigger in Europe.


Although the deadlines for this segment of the industrial rigging industry are usually measured in days, not hours like in the Live Event / Touring industry we know, the sizes and weights of handled structures dwarf those considered by us. ( Then again, these structures are not moved between venues on a daily basis either! )

The heaviest structucture ever handled by Harold was the main steel dome roof part of a nuclear reactor building weighing roughly 800 Metric Tonnes!

Harold moved into Live Event rigging for unknown reasons. It may have been the different work schedule, the (better ?wink) pay (or other fringe benefits) , or it may have been the simple fact that our industry has always had a shortage of structural  engineers with hands on approach.

Engineers that are not afraid to climb the structures actually knowing what they are doing with regards to engineering and safety.

Harold toured all over the world with acts like AC/DC (yes, the live cannons "For Those About To Rock" tour), Madonna, Pink Floyd, and countless other productions.

Harold Founded ICRC based in France and AsiaRig based in Bangkok

Besides supplying event rigging services for productions and tours all over the planet, rigging system design and implementation for installation and touring as well as an extensive experience in educating Live Event riggers make up the wide palette of what Harold has on offer.

Whether it concerns...

  • 600 rigpoints for an event in an exposition venue,
  • 80 hoist points before any sound, light, effects or video equipment can fly on the morning of a daily moving show,
  • outdoor stadion overhead high speed moving systems 75 meter high with 260 meter travel,
  • a sofisticated variable speed system designed for touring or in theatre,
  • pre-production study, design, implementation and training for a world tour rigging system,
  • just a good deal for rigging hardware,

Harold is the guy to call.